Burning History, reviving memory. (26th May, 2012)

Blazing hot day again today, satisfying amount of “stuff” accomplished in the hot weather, then the barbecue came out, followed by the fire-pit, both stored away, buried almost in the shed. Got into the habit last year of carrying glowing coals from the barbecue to the fire-pit to light it (shades of carrying fire up the stairs in winter down Little Wyrley). Carried the “log sack” out of the shed. It’s filled with bits and pieces and during the evening we pretty much emptied it. But my attention on this, what I hope will be the first of many fire-pit or chimnea sun downers, was drawn to what we were putting on the fire

MDF, will burn, but there are weird shaped pieces, joined with all the Scandinavian plugs and technology invented for MDF. It was the ornate legs of a TV and video stand Margaret had asked if we could burn. (I mean what kind of a question is that??) I remembered as it was burning how we lobbed it over the eight foot fence between out gardens. Then, very small the stub-end of a Christmas tree (cutting the end off before putting it into the stand (with water) helps the tree to take up water and hold its leaves). It was wrinkle-barked, like a fingerprint, a dinosaur leg fragment. Next, matt-blue paint peeling was a section of fence from my last school, followed by the rotting roof of a bird box that hung on the fence and was shelter for broods of blue tits for five years. The root becoming stem of a plum tree that once grew (not very fruitfully) in the allotment hedge and failed after I laid the hedge. I am happy to report that we replaced it and last year anyway had more plums than we have been able to eat or turn into wine. There will be other pieces of history when we get to the (double) log pile against the wall, but maybe this evening I was in a mood to notice.


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