“The Cobbler’s Children* …”

Driving along a familiar road earlier today I noticed something I have seen so many times before. Made a connection that has been in the neurons but not the synapses – until now. There is the headquarters of an electrical contractors – the sign used to say the name of the company and “established “then the year. I used to be able to quote the year, but since the sign has gone I really cannot bring it back. But I can now remember all of the digits of my mobile phone, so maybe something goes-in-something-drops out these days.

But now the connection that I have now made is that on the long white rendered above the car park wall facing the one way road there is a large, simple circle-faced clock. Conspicuously electric because of the cabling going to it, made more than obvious by the conduit and sparkling clean white background. The clock always says the same time. Well, of course it will be right twice a day! I am reminded that some wise person once said “give a man a watch and he will know the time, give him two and he will never be sure” … who was that? But the clock has been stalled for at least three years.

Now I would recommend these contractors. In another left-behind life they completed very professionally two contracts for me – but a “dead” electric clock on the wall of an electrical contractor’s yard? Old English adage: The cobbler’s children are always the poorest shod.


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