The God of Tarzan

I am not sure exactly how this works, but I hope I may be permitted to quote a few words from Edgar Rice-Burroughs:


“Among the books of his dead father in the little cabin by the landlocked harbour, Tarzan of the Apes found many things to puzzle his young head. By much labour and through infinite patience as well he had … discovered the purpose of the little bugs that ran on the printed pages. He had learned that in the many combinations in which he found them they spoke a silent language, spoke in a strange tongue, spoke of wonderful things which the little ape boy could not by any chance fully understand, arousing his curiosity, stimulating his imagination and filling his soul with amighty longing for further knowledge.”

Thanks to our daughters and the perchance winning of an i-pad I have downloaded freebooks versions of some Tarzan stories and have been re-reading them.

One thought on “The God of Tarzan

  1. Rebecca Higgs says:

    And how useful those little bugs on the page/screen are.
    What an interesting concept…

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