Tides and Pebbles

Moon-on-moon insanity,

Double diamond intensity;

The reflection and the shadow.


He’s working hard on something,

Everyone’s certain of that,

Feeling that stream of consciousness

Steamhead pressure,

But nobody understands what …

It’s hard to follow,

To join in,

Impossible to get excited.

Frustration is free,

So easily-said,

Who-are-you? free …

… and a hundred and forty

Makes our ears,

Our noses bleed!

We write letters that

Will never be sent,

Drink each other’s fears

And poisonous tears.

Somehow, silver tape and fireworks

Hold us together,

Push us on towards 

Salvation’s beach:

Love, anger and

The tides and pebbles of

Unconditional love.

P.L. Higgs



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