From the Dawn.


On its way from

The dawn of the gods

Precious fire, which, in

Passing by me,

 Touched something deep in me,

Now leaps and dances –

Inspiration and futures –

In kettles and cauldron;

While the small dolls of

Triumph and failure

Stamp, rage and throw

Impotently famous below.



4 thoughts on “From the Dawn.

  1. assia7 says:

    While the small dolls of

    Triumph and failure

    Stamp, rage and throw

    Impotently famous below
    I can’t translate it may be in the right way… could you explain please for me?

  2. Hey assia7 – thanks for looking at this piece, good to know you are there. I will (try to) explain the words, but I am not sure it will help. In one way this is about something that came to me while watching some Olympic games programme …. “dawn of the gods” the lighting of the fire at the base of Olympus one morning , “fire passing by me” the torch relay, which I saw and which made me, somehow, optimistic,…”kettles and couldron ” the Olympic flame in London 2012 (beautiful work of art for me and engineering too) … “small dolls/triumph and failure” the athletes …. winning or not … but successful in simply being there.

    Impotently famous … an oxymoron, (two words which really don’t belong together because one contradicts the other) but the kind of phrase I enjoy “playing with”.

    But then again, the poem can be seen to be about so much more than just the Olympic games, maybe it’s about life too, what do you think?

    Hope this helps, let me know please.

  3. Maria D'Aleo says:

    I thought about Olympics when I read it for the first time, (you must know I read the same poem more and more… to understand or to try to understand… 😉
    but beyond that meaning I knew there was another… thanks for the full explanation… really interesting also the technique… love it.

  4. Again, thanks – like the feedback, I find it very helpful – it is good to read poems more than once I think, i often do it, especially the ones that make me think a little harder.

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