To Sit With You Again

(Hello Facebook my old friend,

I’ve come to sit with you again)


In a public book of avatar faces

We meet without touching,

Talk without speaking:

The background echoes

Of a minstrel-prophet.

Did he really see what was coming?

Is it so wrong to crave silence?

To try to turn up a collar

Against the ego, babble and nonsense?


That time of year:

Grave winter becoming

Brave spring;

That soul-search time of night,

That stage of unexplored friendship:

Depths innocently plumbed.


There’s no music

That I can hear.

This is a song

I can never sing.




5 thoughts on “To Sit With You Again

  1. assia7 says:

    it’s so true and fantastic too! real and magic! We’ll sing that song a day together! 🙂

  2. Great poem! Full comment on Poetts Corner

  3. Sorry for typo – Poets

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