At The Borders

Paused at the borders
Of a place
Named Evening:
Where day-long fog
Leaks from the spaces ‘tween
Bare-bone beeches,
Where the past and anthems
Are neither denied
Nor forgotten.

With a little luck,
Some patience and sweet time
We’ll reach Nightfall …
But let’s savour the wine,
 Music and candles first eh?


9 thoughts on “At The Borders

  1. glynfedwards says:

    i like it when nouns are turned into proper nouns. not sure if it would keep formality by stopping at ‘wine’ but a classy ‘moment in time’ poem

  2. kikischeuer says:

    Hello there my wonderfully talented friend! I have nominated you for the ‘Blog of the Year 2012 Award’! Please, check out my blog for the details!

  3. assia7 says:

    I think your poems could be great songs!

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