Talk your thin, fool words,
Make your feet-of-clay plans –
Both will carry,
Curse-crystal clear –
Feel the gods laughing presence,
As they position game-pieces,
Sharpen diamond teeth?

Plant your pale, flags
On maps-that aren’t;
As if they mean something,
Are terribly significant …
If it’ll help.

Conceal tribal silver
As is traditional,
With future beauties, power
And conceit
Atop the sacred rock:
Strap war-doom saddles to
Belligerent bull camels –
Time is treasure –
The star is
Always moving on.


5 thoughts on “Resolutions?

  1. wisejourney says:

    ..and do you have a resolution . . . Time is treasure…like that

  2. assia7 says:


  3. Lovely. Big picture thoughts. Hope lots of smiles and adventures find you in the new year – and you find time to share them with us!

  4. I do feel the gods laughing presence… and maybe their disdain. I like these words Beeseeker.

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