Away From Suitcase Words

Taking my dilemma-seat on the red-eye express –
Please let it be a save-soul flight
Hoping to be carried away from
Cheap hotel rooms and suitcase words
Towards a different kind of trigger light.

Brown sugar call, insistent demand,
Throbbing troll-drum loud
In my outlaw head.

Need the savage high-born,
Black panther lady in my bed.
If more-than-yellow survival
And deep desert-gold redemption
Are the witch’s corkscrew goals
Conquest, consummation and satisfaction
Are fantasy’s waypoints and evolution’s tolls.


6 thoughts on “Away From Suitcase Words

  1. Miriam E. says:

    wow, such vivid imagery here… very intense! love the “dilemma-seat on the red-eye express” and the “witch’s corkscrew goals” – so cool!

  2. brilliant imagery. “troll drums”…kinda like doldrums!! And “suitcase words”…well, you had me at “suitcase words”….Shared to FB…also–who hasn’t done a geographic? So universal, too.

    • beeseeker says:

      Sorry – a geographic ??
      can you explain please ?

      • Pulling a Geographic: when you leave town to run away from problems—rather than working on the problem which generally involves working on oneself. (the reaction one has to said problem, the illusion of problem in the first place due to perception…etc) introspection, realization of an area that needs “working on”, integration of change to thoughts or behavior, & assimilation of this change until it’s natural—all add up to a “mental” move in itself.

        Whew. I think I over explained that!

  3. beeseeker says:

    maybe – but I will do well in the test when you get to ask questions …

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