Stay Free

Wise white elf,
Gentle wizard of the
Broad snow plains;
Birthed in pale blizzard spring,
Raised on the ice permanent shelf:
Wilderness spirit
Stay free –
For your own sake,
And for mine.


2 thoughts on “Stay Free

  1. birchpoet says:

    Timely also is this. We seem to have a common muse some days. Lovely, fantastical, real, prose. It says what it says, and not what it doesn’t. Refreshing and succinct. Thank you.
    I love the ‘poetry perhaps?’ tag. If it were a question to me, I would say yes. Poetry. Isn’t everything, when seen from the correct perspective, be it lesson or learning. Write on. There will be no test later… 🙂

  2. maryamchahine says:

    Very beautiful images and words!

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