Yonder … and Wide

Seek the quarry,
Drag the load
Beat Beauty from
The rare-rock
Then grind her
Into powder blue
With smoothed glass.

Now you have the shock
That will vault,
Ink, bind and bruise
The little-marble,
Earth-rise world,
That will cloak Madonna
And the Judas kiss.

Now, Whether you
Be simple mortal or
Fairy lord, it’s time to
Make your choice:
Where would you wish to
Blaze your infinity trail:
Or the sky?



2 thoughts on “Yonder … and Wide

  1. lgyslaine says:

    I choose the sky 🙂

  2. ramaink says:

    Oh language! Definitely language!
    ‘Ink, bind and bruise’…. that’s beautiful!

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