The White


The white that fell
Like mushroom spores
Giddily, god-driven; endlessly
Down the skies,
Across the winds.
The white that fell;
That carpeted lawns
That changed the contours,
That blanked the colours,
That washed the sight,
That revised plans,
That altered the focus.
The white that fell
That froze the breaths
Of unfolded sheep;
Brought strangers to the window,
Magnified distance
And bent familiar routes.
The white that fell?
It’s falling still.

5 thoughts on “The White

  1. wisejourney says:

    Is snow more surprising and shocking because its March do you think?

    Really like it…unfolded sheep……giddy mushroom spores….excellent

  2. beeseeker says:

    This much snow? Absolutely … out walking yesterday it really felt like December!
    But I am enjoying it, no work tomorrow, so quite relaxed and -perhaps – inspired?

  3. Having watched the images of the U.K. buried in snow recently on the T.V., I can appreciate the inspiration for this poem. Victoria had a record breaking 9 days of over 30 degrees of heat in early March. Summer weather in our autumn, winter weather in your spring. Hmmmmm, the world’s a topsy turvy place at present.

  4. naiadseye says:

    Thank you for stopping by at naiadseye , liking my post and commenting on 🙂

  5. enjoybliss says:

    Enjoy the snow!!! I miss it!

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