Now What

What have I done now?

saddlers flag
I got back from the football match, really happy. We won, by a long chalk. Extremely convincing and stretching out the dream that we may – it’s mathematically possible and we have the morale-high ground – even qualify for the promotion play-offs.
But it was the first time I have ever been in an executive box. I was flattered at being invited and enjoyed the experience, though it puts an entirely different slant on being at a Walsall match! Buffet lunch, flat screen TV, programmes, coffee and cake at half time, access to the rather-exclusive Swifts Club bar and heating! The company was great, kept the banter and information flowing.
Incidentally the box we were in was number eleven and dedicated to one of my all-time Walsall heroes; all five foot four of him: Alan Buckley.
Did I mention that I had a couple of beers? That in the Swifts club bar were former players (one of whom is now a vicar at St Luke’s church in Cannock)?
Well, delivered back home I came to check on WordPress.  That’s normal, the excitement continued.

Then my eye was attracted by the National Poetry Month (NaPoWriMo). Not sure, now, looking back what it was that drew me … but it’s a thrown-down gauntlet, a challenge to write and publish a poem a day for the month of April.
To clarify matters a little bit it seems to be a United States “thing”, but before I could activate the spellchecker – I had signed up … my little old beeseeker blog is now listed among the great, the good, the brave  and the other slightly crazyhead people who took the step and registered on an auspicious April Fool’s Day.

Off to a good start, managed what I call a poem on day one … phew …  so far so good …  but the pressure’s on – and not just at the Saddlers!
So – wish me luck – send me coffee, and watch this space.

4 thoughts on “Now What

  1. wisejourney says:

    Helluva challenge! Best of the best with that and as much coffee as required.

  2. So that’s what NaProWriMo means! These challenges are very stimulating. It won’t leave you much time to check out the one I’m doing from my new blog!

    • beeseeker says:

      Living and learning!
      Will do my very best to take a look at your A to Z pieces, would love to have had a go at that one, but not enough hay to make that much sun (or something like that).
      Of course good luck with it.
      Hope so!

  3. Sam Han says:

    Good luck!… and coffee on the way! 😀

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