The Very Ceiling of Hell


Energy-skeleton frames,

Clad in glorious

Ember and faith armour,

Red white and orange

Roar and fire spitters,

Leaning down on the very

Ceiling of Hell,

Seeking the top step

Paradise Stairway

While Heaven’s sky-weight

Pulls at the soul,

Presses against slim shoulders and ankles.

The track is a flag:

The flag is  a race.

Launched from the start,

Up the lone-star hill

On lean-sprint, young,

Growling dragon dreams.



4 thoughts on “The Very Ceiling of Hell

  1. Chatty Owl says:

    Growling dragon dreams… Hell yeah.

  2. really excellent comparison !

  3. I appreciate the way you write. I want to play more with images. The photo and poem got me grinning because it is more masculine than some poetry images. I am trying to write a hockey poem, actually a year old, not that I really like hockey, just response to watching the game.

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