Each day, your harsh, carefully chosen words

Build a fence –

Or build it higher …

And, make no innocent mistake:

Invitations do not inclusion build.


Encourage worship of false deities;

Make the carving of token totems

Easier, if not inevitable.


Choose to find your piece in

Bottom-line profits,

If you must.

I will find my peace in

The mountains.




7 thoughts on “

  1. aliciakhoo says:

    Wow these are wise words indeed and a great reminder for me. Thanks for this poem!

  2. aliciakhoo says:

    Shared this on my facebook poetry page. https://www.facebook.com/aliciakhoopoetry

  3. beeseeker says:

    Hello Alicia – welcome back, thanks again for your support and shared on a facebook page – I am flattered.
    Keep blogging … please.

  4. wisejourney says:

    I will find my peace in the mountains …..sounds like a terrific place to be. I hope that you dol

    • beeseeker says:

      We – ell now there’s at least two kinds of mountains;
      the physical ones you can climb (and I’m quite some distance from any o’ them at the moment)
      and the ones you can build in your mind.
      So far, both kinds have been good to me.

  5. magnificent message ! I’ll tag along, please ? 🙂

  6. beeseeker says:

    Glad to have you, bring a pen!

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