Ancient …

Ancient are the

Roots that run long

And unseen

In the lines and

Coloured sky patches.


Essential are they,

For they calm my

Fed-by-sunrise spirit.


Eternal are the

Rivers that roar silently

And  star-voice deep

Below mountain crests,

Between midnight crusts.


Essential are they,

 For they feed my

Calmed-by-sunset soul.



3 thoughts on “Ancient …

  1. wisejourney says:

    So pleased they calm your sunset soul…such a wonderful time of the day

  2. so entrancing and that word “crust” reminds me of the cooling off of a homemade bread– and golden edges dripping butter.

    • beeseeker says:

      That line started off as “mountain crusts/midnight crests”
      glad my brain rearranged it.

      You have a great imagination and empathy with words, love the connections you make – super visualisations (golden edges dripping butter) … thanks for letting me know.

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