Sublime sunset pageantry,

Blood in the clouds,

Hymns and homecoming parades

Of swallow squadrons:

Wingover stories,

Over-waters glories.

There’s thunder in the near-distance –

But then, there always was –



The incredible intelligences,

The wasted, glorious  braveries,

The ever-lamentable, always-terrible

Costs of wars.





3 thoughts on “617

  1. Chatty Owl says:

    True. And slightly sad. And evokes memories in me Id rather forget.

  2. beeseeker says:

    Came in from the evening garden where I’d been watching swallows ignoring the nest “boxes I have put up to encourage them to nest under our roof, to see a programme commemorating the Dambusters raid (seventy years ago today).
    I love aircraft; and there is something to be proud of when in history your country defies dictatorship, but there is also an undeniable cost.
    Tried to capture that in this brief poem.

  3. wisejourney says:

    poignantly captured.

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