The Doctor.

I’ve slept since then –

More than once if truth be told – and

The picture’s changed,

The world moved on

In generation strides.

So much so that

This is a different story.

But yet …

But yet I cannot get over

What happened to the doctor – and

What happened to me

In all of the giddy-roundabout,

Switchback, switchblade years

He caringly tended  my family.

I know those adventure and apple days,

Cock-crow dawns and time-dam days

Are gone, gone, gone like small-candle smoke

In big-night, blue winds, but still,

Sometimes, it truly seems as if

He is still here,

Then is still now.



5 thoughts on “The Doctor.

  1. Jo says:

    Loved the last episode and am now sat itchily waiting for the 50th in November. 🙂

  2. beeseeker says:

    Yesssss! Make sure there’s space behind the settee (and nothing else is there already).
    I am particularly enjoying what Stephen Moffatt is doing with the character.

  3. birchpoet says:

    Spoilers! 😉
    Watching re-runs, can’t wait for that season. A lovely tribute.

  4. beeseeker says:

    Imagine, if you can, how you would have responded to the poem without the “related articles” hooks to hang Doctor Who TV show on…
    Would it have worked?
    See, I don’t usually put my references out there …
    … leave the reader to interpret the words in their own way.
    To reveal or not to reveal ??

  5. birchpoet says:

    I always love the reveal. Davies and Moffat are brilliant. The River Song reveal had me jumping for joy(Oh you clever, clever boy!). Funny thing, in this case, I read scrolling down to the tags as they appear at the bottom of the post, coming here after your read at my blog. I am a big fan, so when I read ‘The Doctor’ (Title) I immediately thought ‘Who’ as opposed to ‘who?’. Reading on, I knew it for what it was – a lovely tribute. A non fan probably would have been at a loss, much like my wife is when watching with me – she is starting to get it(as much as any of us do, I suppose) though she does become bored with the explanation, if I have to give one. Understandable, as they sometimes baffle me (even though I am giving them), alluding to past Doctors, partners, sentient races and time streams. The nature of the beast, and I wouldn’t have it any other way…A doctor by any other name…is just a physician. 🙂

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