A Poem I Found …

… while looking for something else (isn’t that just the way of things sometimes?).

I am uncertain of the title, but loved the feeling it gave me while I was reading/discovering it and the feeling it left me with.


Words of a poem should be glass

But glass so simple-subtle its shape

Is nothing but the shape of what it holds.

A glass spun for itself is empty,

Brittle, at best Venetian trinket.

Embossed glass hides the poem of its absence.

Words should be looked through, should be windows.

The best word were invisible.

The poem is the thing the poet thinks.

If the impossible were not,

And if the glass, only the glass,

Could be removed, the poem would remain.

Robert Francis


4 thoughts on “A Poem I Found …

  1. Ah yes, this does give a specific, almost other-worldly feeling as you read it..wonderful poem. 🙂

  2. wisejourney says:

    Great words

  3. Expat Eye says:

    Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog and for the like! Linda.

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