Jackdaw Days



Gigantic northern sky leans down

With full-silver wind-weighted clouds

On heather’d hilltop and fairy flag slopes.

Light is leaving, kidnapping colours;

Rain is coming to change the land:

Heaven and soul-sea’s ebb and flow.

If I’m not here when you awake,

Forgive me, I pray, for I’ve

Gone to have my jackdaw days.




5 thoughts on “Jackdaw Days

  1. joseyphina says:

    hi, you’ve been nominated for an award so please visit http://joseyphina.wordpress.com/the-very-inspiring-blogger-award/ for the details. Congrats!

    • beeseeker says:

      Hello Josephina. I am really honoured by this award, particularly today – having been gong through a challenging kind of a week – it lit up my day.
      What do I need to do now (sorry if that is any kind of a stupid question)?
      I am guessing copy and use the logo, write a thanks (to you) and pass the award on to some other blogs ?
      Please let me know … and thanks again.

  2. Marvelous ! Truly marvelous !

  3. apurvakj says:

    your nature poetry is truly mesmerising!

  4. beeseeker says:

    Thank you very much, your support is really appreciated.

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