It May Be …

It may be that I am not completely lost –

Or, indeed that in obsession,

This state is ultimately desirable –

But I am on a route of love-stones.

To one side water climbs,

Sublime silver grace,

Down sheerfall rock;

Knowing, perhaps that its

Destiny is circular:

Confident that it will return.

For me?

Two more nights will get me

To the consummation bridge

If bridge there be

And I am gifted two more nights.



8 thoughts on “It May Be …

  1. Chatty Owl says:

    “love-stones” captivated my heart. Such beautiful and pure writing. You have such a soft voice, when you write.
    Floored and swoon.

    • beeseeker says:

      Thanks Greeneyes; I am trying to write some lighter, possibly more romantic stuff at the moment. Reading some of my posts I seem to think there is a lot of “darkness”. So looking to try something more personally challenging, so your feedback is truly appreciated.

  2. wisejourney says:

    Sublime silver grace,

    Down sheerfall rock;

    ……6 words as one…..sublime

  3. willowmarie says:

    Fiat Lux!

  4. Wonderful rhythmic flow and anticipatory elements to what’s around the bend~ beautiful ! Fondly Debbie

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