Distances and Depths.


How easily, lazily, deliciously languorously

the surface-basking leviathan exhales

This skybridge to isolation futures

In the low-swell tropics to doldrums

Dreamtime sea.

I’m stranded, every which way,

Whatever I do, on this island’s

Desolation rainbow waters;

Cut loose, cast adrift:

Tranced, mazed and drawn by fascinations

Beyond the comfortable, familiar shallows …

But dreadful feared of the

Tides, depths and distances that are coming.



Photo: http://www.lebanontimes.com/moby-trick-fire-breathing-whale-creates-spectacular-optical-illusion-in-the-sunset-sky/

4 thoughts on “Distances and Depths.

  1. I, too, find myself “waiting” for those tides and depths. Sometime, looking for challenges in my like, but most times it’s just my pessimism getting the best of me.

  2. Chatty Owl says:

    But it’s the balance you’ve got that makes you float so effortlessly.

  3. beeseeker says:

    You’ve got me there:
    That’ll be your perception of my balance perhaps.

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