In The Small


With savage shell-bone pride

Members of the dragonfly tribe

Carry a beautiful storm miracle

Below their flexible armour cages;

And aerobat on flicker-shine wings

That flatten the earths corners,

Bend the skies straightways up,

Fasten the sun in time and place.

Recognise the magic, please,

In the small hum-drum things;

Catch some contentment from the

Small, pleasant pulses of joy.



Photo: courtesy of


8 thoughts on “In The Small

  1. Chatty Owl says:

    They create hurricanes for the magical dreams and leave us, mortals, stunned in amazement.

  2. Chagall says:

    I feel I have a certain affinity with dragon and damsel flies – seriously. Amazing anatomies. He’s a handsome one in your pic. Wonderful verse.—–Chagall

    • beeseeker says:

      Thank you: the poem actually started to write itself while I was watching military helicopters on TV.
      But dragonflies have better poetic resonance 😉

      • Chagall says:

        🙂 If I had to choose one design over the other, the fly would win. They move at angles that Boeing can’t fathom. Perhaps we should suit them up as an elite force. —–Chagall

  3. Wow such talent! Thank you for joining us at wePoets!

  4. I sat in a suburban park last Thursday watching miniature helicopters and parakeets. Unfortunately I wasn’t inspired like you! Sue

  5. j9epoetry says:

    did you snap this pic? It’s incredible, glad I followed this blog

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