Obsidian Razor

One eye spitefully, casually blinded

By the latest ascendant alpha wolf,

The one that seeks my throne,

My subjects, my honour.

So, I see less clearly the

Things in the real world now.

I have my ravens,

Memory and Thought,

Dwelling in the high-roofed halls

Of my swollen, aching head.

But vision is blurred, confined,

For a while, to the Long Past

And the Far Futures.

My eight legged beauty frets

In wide, cloud calendar meadows.

My arm too, hangs, only slightly

Better than useless

And I dip my head to my

Cold-Vengeance meals.

Shaving my beard shall be done

Again, when I can focus,

Can raise obsidian edged  razor with

With right, good-god arm:

When the Fenrir clan is

Buried beneath the

World’s Ash …

Where they belong!

3 thoughts on “Obsidian Razor

  1. beeseeker says:

    Challenge set was (as best I can remember 😉 ) Odin cannot shave.
    Thanks Oloriel, enjoyed it.
    Hope you do too.

  2. Chatty Owl says:

    I see “raven” and my heart jumps with joy. I have a weak spot for them.

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