Sky That is Left …

Cool cloudscape sundown bubbles

Rise and gurn like bad ogre’s

Thrice-warmed breakfast bean porridge:

Grey, unappetising but irresistible.

Dashing spirits-of-summer swallows,

That kept the futures fluid and gentle,

Reading the patterns, have wisely departed.

Sky that is left is, for now, empty of friends.

Rumours of eastern geese travelling on

Wings and winds of frostfall fear

Are doing the rounds. Pale

Shiver-moon question mark

On bed of mists needs

No replies.

4 thoughts on “Sky That is Left …

  1. Chatty Owl says:

    It’s comfort. Warm content. That’s what I felt reading this.

  2. intrinsic collaboration metaphors! Excellent !

  3. bee says:

    Thank you for liking and commenting on my work. Beautiful flowing and earth like

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