Waiting for the Wolves.

Like liquid-drop


Debris thrown from

Heaven’s crater-cloud volcanoes

Spots of rain congeal briefly,

Congregate, coalesce and conga,

Running in temporary-fault,

Cold-blood strata-snakes down

My nervous evening windscreens.

I am heading for

Where the wolves play.

11 thoughts on “Waiting for the Wolves.

  1. Oloriel says:

    Wonderfull!It felt like a very passionate build up till the end!
    I loved the last line, but I noticed it has 2 w instead of 1, just pointing out the typo 😀

    • beeseeker says:

      Well spotted, appreciate the call: thanks.
      I was waiting in my car on a pub car park. My friends were coming to pick me up. To take me to the football match. It was raining. We were playing against Wolverhampton Wanderers. They are known as “The Wolves”. Bit of a wait:
      This poem was born.
      Glad you liked it !

      • Oloriel says:

        Thank you for sharing the story of your creation process! It is amazing how ones words can lead us into a milion different stories or dreams or sentiments and sometimes we find out first hand the words we read do not mean what we thought, I find this beautifull, when something has more then one dimension like this, it feels like an “I love you” being echoed forever.

      • beeseeker says:

        Know what you mean …
        and I am never sure whether explaining where the ideas came from (as I just did) is a good thing. I am quite happy for readers to develop their own ideas about why and what .
        Hope I didn’t spoil the poem for you.

      • Oloriel says:

        No, not at all, you just made it even more beautiful. I mean, I love the depth and possibilities, I am reading a beautiful poem, not a label on the back of a ketchup. Most proffessionals would disagree with me tho, I have been told that I am a bad poet because I always want to/need to explain my poems. I showed them the middle finger 😀

      • beeseeker says:

        Smiling widely here, thank you for that, and for your support.

  2. I liked all the alliteration and the unexpected conga! Sue

    • beeseeker says:

      “Conga” ??
      Yes indeed, trying to find a c starting verb for raindrops joining up and doing what they do an sloping glass, at the time couldn’t manage anything better than conga (but did consider “conger”).
      Any suggestions?


  3. Doug S says:

    I love the combination of spiritual poetry and nature, using allegory, symbolism, etc. where ever possible. Great work.

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