Darker Than of Late

Equinox-near morning

Is darker than those of late.

The tack-carry walk passes

In glorious, spiritual-dawn silence.

Dish-face owl still sitting on

The grey elbow of an

Orange-berried branch

Like a ghost of summer-passing:

Wide-eyed, unafraid.

Time to saddle my companion:

Calm autumn horse.

She knows me,

Reads me so well;

Will carry me safely on

Paths I cannot yet know:

Wide eyed, unafraid.

3 thoughts on “Darker Than of Late

  1. Morgan says:

    Im not sure I like this….but I certainly LOVE it!!! How Beautiful. I absolutely adore the wide-eyed, unafraid opposites blended into one.

  2. Oloriel says:

    Very beautiful,mesmerising and it had a very enchanting rhytm spiced up with imagery!

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