A Little Mayflower Business

I am planning to be absent for a while.

Planning to swing from cloud to cloud

Across the waters and

Along forest and city trails

On da Vinci’s imagination,

Tesla’s invisible lines.

Hoping to learn a little more,

Satisfy some curiosities,

Awaken new questions in myself.

To catch up with the muse

Maybe once, maybe twice;

Ask Opportunity for the

Next Dance:

Wish me luck … for

I plan to be back.


6 thoughts on “A Little Mayflower Business

  1. PookyH says:

    Good luck! Sounds fun…

  2. brother, if you’re traveling along side da Vinci’s imagination, you’ll need very little luck…maybe a lot of notebooks tho.LOL!
    enjoy, we’ll be here when you return!

  3. ρöετις says:

    Maybe three times if your lucky, wouldn’t that be nice!!
    Safe travels and godspeed, may the wind be always at your back!

  4. Oloriel says:

    I wish you great travels! Care for those clouds that look like boats, they can be tricksters!

  5. menomama3 says:

    Ooh, I like that line “Ask opportunity for the next dance.” Very nice.

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