All The Colours


One pretty evening’s

Never-to-be-repeated shore.

Autumn-beginning’s sunset

Casts her bronze folded nets of waves

Against the welcoming pebble shelves.

They break into scattering strings

Of brief-life jewels as

Conscious thought is replaced by

Off-land winds racing to

Cloud-scarfed, marquetried ‘rizons.

You wouldn’t have missed this encounter

For twice a myth-queen’s ransom

The glory-flag skies bleed

All the colours you know

Of emotion, romance and loss …

And those you don’t:

Because you’re human and,

Sometimes, that’s not enough.




4 thoughts on “All The Colours

  1. Chatty Owl says:

    Captivating words that smell of longing and a hidden dissatisfaction, that’s wrapped up in convenient content. Complex and beautiful, just like the process of autumn.

  2. PookyH says:

    It’s a stunning picture – and your words do it justice.

  3. ρöετις says:

    And sometimes there just aren’t any words that properly convey what the eyes must see for themselves!

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