…and we danced

Slowly at first, then with

Absolute joyous abandon,

We slid off our shoes;

Hurled them, but gently,

Onto the sparkling slope.

Watched the rain fill them,

Inhabit them, change them.

… and we danced;

Danced like the young gods

Of a purer world;

Danced in the raw spaces between

The not-yet-written truths and rules.

Danced, feeling storm-thunder’s

Pulse-tide rhythms.

Danced while lightning forged

Crackling hot paths through

Our born again frames.

3 thoughts on “…and we danced

  1. “in between spaces” – Love it! Great work!

  2. Chatty Owl says:

    How swirly and beautiful. Intense.

  3. Maria D'Aleo says:

    I can feel it

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