Let’s Raise A Glass

Let’s raise a glass,

Maybe more,

To the double-intensity,

Up on the stands,

Handlebar gladiators;

To the front-rows,

No-space tiptoe dancers.

Those lost in the

God-sparkle moment

When the witch-wasp air

Rings with silver-silent ecstasy;

Time stretching, bending, boiling

And gravity riding a switchback,

Switchblade, high-octane trapeze:

The Valhalla tides of sound –

Sometimes angel-delicate,

Sometimes monster mighty –

Surge around the arena

While we shiver and shake,

Reluctant to climax;

Desperately aching

For nothing less.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Raise A Glass

  1. awfullyemily says:

    Much more beautiful than my historical summary. Absolutely love this – I’ll be sharing!

    • beeseeker says:

      Hmmm, they are both absolutely different pieces of work; have different purposes altogether. I learned such a lot from reading your article (I got there via recommendations from Zemantia by the way) and will be back to look at more of your work as I am genuinely interested.
      So I think they complement each other.
      Thanks for the feedback, glad that you found the blog; hope you’ll be back.
      Best wishes with your own blog.
      keep smiling !

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