The Wrong Kind

Wharf-pool water –

Century’s stagnant mirror –

Surface made of shattered

Butcher’s knife blades and

Shards of guillotine in a

Brick-sided drawer:

Iceberg-submerged solids:

Too quick and tumbling-frenetic

To be helpfully hypnotic.

Here there is no

Sense of time passing.

Why would there be?

My mind is jammed with

The wrong kinds of words

Forced together like pieces

From different puzzles

Sledgehammered into union

Bludgeoned into submission:

Forming a crazy representation

Of something thing does not exist

And could never be imagined.

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4 thoughts on “The Wrong Kind

  1. Morgan says:

    sometimes thats how it feels…good job putting it into words !

  2. gorjee says:

    I’m new to wordpress and I haven’t quite figured out all the lingo. So I’m not sure what a “pingback” is (don’t laugh), but I’m glad I got the chance to read this post. You write beautifully, with emotion that I wish I could express myself through words.

    • beeseeker says:

      First, good to hear from you, glad you’re blogging.
      You have probably worked out by now that you got the ping back because I added your post to mine.
      You should also find out about Zemantia if you don’t already know.
      It is a “thing” that lets wordpressers know about posts similar to their own.
      It is how and why I linked to yours.
      Hope that makes sense and is helpful.
      Mostly best wishes with the blog.

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