The Spirit of Melinda

Alone in a boisterous crowd;

A mob expecting spectacle:

Thunder, fury, blood,

Maybe more ….

Alone in a boisterous crowd

The spirit of Melinda

Has me quietly sobbing again.

What a high-fever,

What war-savagery,

Those hot-forge words were.

That left no stone un-moved,

Nobody un-damaged.

Innocence still bleeds out

As minutes become ungentle hours.

5 thoughts on “The Spirit of Melinda

  1. ankitamtr says:

    Malinda smiled..and i smiled back… i knew that shud hv been the end of the world…i breathed again… — beautifully written..loved the piece .. 🙂

  2. beeseeker says:

    I am truly flattered to be associated, in any way, with such a powerful piece of work …
    Who knows where inspiration’s gonna come from eh ?
    But I suspect My “melinda” post was merely the tiniest trigger.
    Best wishes.

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