For a single, diadem moment

I can hear the sunlight sliding

Across acres of damp,

Autumn-ochred grass stems;

Feel the air parting to allow

Dry, falling leaves to pass.

In that moment too,

I see the spirits of younger men,

Light of heart,

Light of step,

Leave the old-men bodies

Gathered at the cenotaph,

To join the ghosts of those who

Are always here –

Here at the sandbagged

Edges of memory –

Shake hands, grin widely,

Hug and spin:

Each both restoring the other

And being new-inspired.

It should always be so.

3 thoughts on “Diadem

  1. Morgan says:

    Beautiful Verse 🙂 Have a Blessed Day!

  2. ankita says:

    gave out a picture…of harmony within the chaos and a sun burnt sky.. 🙂

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