Kissing The Madness

When I think,

Think of the space I left behind,

Beneath those happy-stars,

Between those friendly-hills,

Before those deep-green, lover-eyes.

The place I left behind

For this one with

It’s troll-breath clouds,

It’s dragon-death crowds

It’s broken-stone moon,

Maggot-bellied balloon;

With a hollow in the night

The shape of a midnight owl

That flies to the railway bridge

And answers the lonely,

Long-time passing freight train

Whistle. That’s me:

Kissing the madness


6 thoughts on “Kissing The Madness

  1. Liana says:

    I am in such good company here…

  2. Chatty Owl says:

    Isnt it beautiful to have that feeling of kissing madness though? 🙂

  3. Such vivid imagery…and aren’t we all a bit mad here? 🙂

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