She moves towards me,

Paying no mind to whether

The moon be full or no.

She drifts away,

In sun-time

Or in shadow.

I guess

There will always be –

There have always been –

A coming together,

A moving apart.

Isn’t that the

Challenge we all deal with ?



Isn’t that the


We watch so

Damned closely:

Strung between the


Glory-cruel tenterhooks?

4 thoughts on “Always

  1. Beautifully and tantalisingly enigmatic

    • turhonmcdowell says:

      wow man, I love your poetry, very earthy and honest. it reminds me of the beats in a way, but all your own

      • beeseeker says:

        I’ll take that wow and double it. Many thanks for a real compliment. I think you know that I am not looking to ape the style of masters like the beats and any resemblance or echoes of such is purely accidental … Such feedback is really welcome, bless you my friend-in-words.

      • turhonmcdowell says:

        you’re very welcome my friend, I love seeing artist that don’t try and be anyone but them selfs, its refreshing, and your style gave me some ideas, keep up the great work

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