Arctic Star

The sun doesn’t rise here, or

Else will never set at all; there is

No security in night’s blankets

Where there is no sanctuary

And every breath is hard-won.

But life can be taken

Looking forward –

Or the opposite –

Which, in places like these

And times like this

Is no way at all.

From where you are –

In the warm and shelter’d


With what you know –

And, therefore, what you don’t –

You cannot see what we see

All around us here:

Where dark cloud means open water,

Where seas are pure and white,

Where archangel-smoke rises

From the edges of the land.

You cannot know what we know:

That death is not always a sentence,

Sometimes it’s just a tiny word,

Sometimes a simple promise

Made for us by

Those we never knew …

Who were always

Shaped like you.


One thought on “Arctic Star

  1. ramblingratz says:

    Stark and beautifully captured.

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