Copper and Diamond

On the railway-edge of

The borders of town,

 January’s watchman lowers

Industrial warehouse evening shutters

On a wet gone-along day.

The dandelion string of streetlights

Splutters weakly at the darkness.

Beyond the last houses

A cold-feathered owl

Moths through the cold

And the steady, wide

Slow-motion lightning beams

That roll out from the full moon

Spread over calm, quiet

New-ploughed fields like the

Copper and diamond dreams

Of rare-frost spiders.

2 thoughts on “Copper and Diamond

  1. “a cold-feathered owl” spreads his magic wings. Every line is its own poem. I love it.

  2. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    I agree with theEnglishProfessoratlarge….
    each line is filled with magick to write a poem or story in our minds…

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