My Cold-Silver Princess

This question-prompt night, I feel the

Travel-far wind of her passing –

My cold-silver princess moon –

As it gently settles its precious

White-ice powder

On my aching soul and

On the wide-flung desolate

Dark-winter-earth around me.

I always knew she would be

Ruthless-frost mistress,

But why must she turn her

Arctic-jewel face away from me

So swiftly. Can she really

Have thought so very little of the

So-soul-deep secrets I gave her

In those nights, By the Mercy River,

When I had thought we were so

Oyster-pearl close?


6 thoughts on “My Cold-Silver Princess

  1. ankita says:

    Oyster-pearl close? — whoa..!!! so picturesque …

  2. Morgan says:

    Hello Friend! I have nominated you for an award, which can be found here: Please know that you are not obligated in any manner, other than to know how greatly I value you as a blogging friend and Inspiration. Thank You!

  3. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    I think She’s beckoning for you to come along as She
    turns to the otherside of the world…
    I like this ..
    Take Care…You Matter…

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