Hope, Like the Moon …

Sun, bright redeeming sun

Shocks and surprises me this dawn

As I patiently creep between

The long made bed and

The one I am slowly building.

Blue dream skies and

Good-drying young winds

Soar in and over from

The right quarter

For the first time

In a long time.

We’re going to need more of this;

And much more of it more often;

Though each one of us

Must know, down deep

Where lies can’t hide,

That faith ain’t faith

Unless it’s full,

But hope, like the moon,

Is still hope even if it’s only

Present in fractions.

3 thoughts on “Hope, Like the Moon …

  1. Chatty Owl says:

    I sense such sadness. But the last lines…. My favourite part of the poem.

  2. Peter Notehelfer says:

    Another excellent, excellent poem . . . Amazing!

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