How the Hunted Feel

Ancient, silver-boned and majestic

Orion kneels quietly on the night bridge

That links fusion and reflection; Continue reading

The Crocus Road

The small, out-of-history,

Far away lights in these

Big, darkening skies make

Reassuring noises; the shadows

Do not clash and threaten.

The horizon is a pale-line queen

Swooning beneath a ripped-tissue

Curl of early-spring-promise  moon.

The crocus road is longer, much longer

Than I could have expected and I start

To fall towards a gentle, butterfly death.

A Sharp Ton of Bricks

It’s three in the mornin’

I don’t feel like sleepin’;

Uncanny how often that’s happenin’

These spring-beginnin’ days?

A sharp ton of bricks,

Terror metal cannons

And arm-wrestle threats

Smother the routes

To freedom

But I’m sleepin’ with the

Sweet, never-wrong money, Continue reading