Tell Me You Knew Him …


Where went he then,

This big-hearted troubadour knight?

Where went he in the times he was away?

Away from us, our tribe, our ken?

Which astral, other-world spaces did he ride,

This minstrel warrior

Who wrote the starlight words,

Stories of elf and rainbow worlds;

Who brought us joy,

Gave us mortals a champion’s voice,

Showed we had the choice.

Where went he then ?

Nay, where be he now;

Now when I need his views,

To borrow a lie from his muse?

Tell me, brother, tell me

You knew him …

Tell me I am recognised.

Must I beg so?

One thought on “Tell Me You Knew Him …

  1. timothyparkin says:

    love the consistent high standard of your poetry, this one is cool

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