Inside the comfortable new warmth

Of the dragon-conqueror church

A red admiral dances it soul-tattoo dance

Against the Easter feet

Of stained glass saints:

She want to live another day,

But is beating the flight scales from

Her own dazzle-eye wings…

And the child that, only moments

Ago was so entranced, has moved on …

… is now wondering how much of

The scar-scab he can pull from

His leg before blood-tears appear.

4 thoughts on “Transitory

  1. ramblingratz says:

    Hope you don’t mind, I have nominated you for a Seed of Light Award

  2. timothyparkin says:

    great dragony poem and associated are the only genuinely good poet I have found on the internet so far…there is a lot of crap out there…found more at readings etc…have subscribed and always read your posts

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