To Devour the Moon.

There is, apparently a legend that predicts

That, sometime soon, the lunatics,

Released from wasp-paper grey cells

Will endeavour to devour the orange-moon,

Swallow it whole, tear its

Changing face to tiny shreds,

Catch its essence with this century’s

Version of pail-of-water technology.

Their inner-voices are telling them

To be prepared to fail, to be ready

To bite the skies with safe-blunt teeth

And return quietly to tedious moderation.

Never fear, if they fail to appear,

There will be another delivery,

Another song, another legend, soon.

4 thoughts on “To Devour the Moon.

  1. Kudos……so beautifully written.

  2. sc0pic says:

    Fantastic and ominous. This is great: “…this century’s Version of pail-of-water technology”

    • beeseeker says:

      Thank you. Can remember stories of “villagers” being conned out of money (inthe old days, it couldn’t happen nowadays could it?) being told they could catch a cheese in a bucket at midnight.
      That and the lyrics of Pink floods Dark Side of the Moon were the seeds for this one …
      Oh and the blood moon!

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