Exhibitio …

Somewhere unseen – tucked away,

Below, behind the artefacts –

 Tiny bulbs that shine forth beams

Of light brighter than small gods

Draw unexpected-shape shadows

All around me: exotic butterfly wings,

Torquemada’s masks, broken pagoda roofs,

Dragon claws; birth thoughts of faith

As they maze floor and walls

With failure portent and treasure promise:

Belittling, mocking, intimidating the observers.

2 thoughts on “Exhibitio …

  1. Anna Mark says:

    the ending is surprising

    • beeseeker says:

      Hmm, better without that last line?
      Wrote this one on the back of a scrap of paper while at the “Age of Vikings” exhibition at the British Museum in London.
      Wasn’t sure then about that last line.
      Thanks for the feedback (as always).

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