To Perdition

This night’s lady –

Too casually-chosen perhaps –

So-soon satiated, flutters

Easily between fantasy and sleep. And

I, alone, am conscious, again, of the

Anaconda in the witch-hour bedroom.

The one that seeks the carbon dioxide I exhale,

Brushes  my exposed skin in invisible passing;

Realising that, at long-last, I will be all-out

Of resistance when the judgement-jaws gape and

Fangs fashioned like no-absolution lightning

Lay bare my soul and fasten on my very core, pointing

The way; the only way – to Perdition …

To Perdition – and beyond!

3 thoughts on “To Perdition

  1. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    I had to think on this one…
    and I can’t picture you any where damnation …now I know I am projecting this on you but as I think we write of ourselves there is bound to be some thought inside here thats your energy…
    as for the snake..definitely in healing position, though sometimes that hurts …
    interesting BeeSeeker…I keep thinking there must be something I am not seeing …
    and then again I may be running away into that realm I frequent called vivid imagination 🙂
    okay rambling done…
    You take Care BeeSeeker…You Matter…

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