Questions Without Marks

I feel them all,

These whispers without whispering,

As they rattle secretly -and not –

Around this real-ether world.

We’ve never been face-to-face

Yet, disturbingly, and its opposite

She knows me so well.

There are moments, she says

Without speaking when she hangs

On my words. There are days,

I know when I am held in thrall by

Her brutally innocent intuits:

Questions without marks.

“Were we not more whole,

More in touch, when we respected

Those who commune with serpents?

When we recognised the snake as

Healer rather than nightmare?”

One thought on “Questions Without Marks

  1. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    there is always a spark
    from that question mark
    the question is an ember
    struggling to remember
    when the soul was whole
    not just going with the flow

    I think I know I like it best when someone has a curiosity within their thoughts as they write, for this whole life is a question waiting to find the answers, Seekers, wanderers, even what some would call normal( I have not had the label attached to me 🙂 ) are here on a quest that we brought with us, but as we took our first breath its like our memories were suspended behind a shroud of mysterious secrets. sometimes deja vu tickles those memories and sometimes we even pay attention…sometimes we see signs or symbols out of Natures hands, feathers are my favorite, though the other day I saw a snake skin hanging on a tree and I knew I was getting ready to shed more of this mundane life … shortly after I found a rune with what looks like a z on it, I need to look that one up 🙂

    BeeSeeker, I could not ever be upset by your writings, they feel like the beat of a heart connecting with Gaia’s….to me there are no coincidences…synchronicities that seem to be happening more and more…

    I love what you what wrote..I am honored by it ….as well as humbled that I could inspire you….Thank You it means a lot
    and yes we were more whole when we believed in the connection of the ordinary to the extraordinary as a snake as a healer, when we knew it would be elixir or poison to our soul but we excepted it as it was for our highest intention,…. which is difficult to do in this world this days to have faith …maybe when we were born and we came out crying we realized to late we had to learn to reconnect to those memories ?
    LOLs another question….?

    whoa this is longer winded than I thought, if you are still awake…Know I appreciate the Beautiful gift you have given me today…
    I not only love it, I like it….a perfect balance for me…
    Take Care…You Matter…

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