The Ticking of Other Clocks


What ghosts will sit

These patient seats,

Drift along aisles, up stairways,

Gasp and wave,

Believe and tremble

When these crowds –

Distracted by the

Ticking of other clocks – Move on?

What echoes will resound

Beneath this rivet-iron framework

When this magnificent noise –

Part delight, part expectation –

Dissolves outwards into

Vacuum spaces.

What spirits, magical memories

Will run the tracks, leap the sands,

Spin the wheels, raise the bars,

Tread the waters,

Pace the rings

When these heroes that have

Graced the days,

Inspired and stirred souls,


What phantom flags

Will flutter, spill, catch the cheers

the sobs of joy, of despair and determination:

In triumph or defeat

When these rampant banners are furled?

Do we just dare to dream?

Enough to make it happen again?

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