Things I Might Have Said ?


Be not afraid to sit alone and still

In moonlight (there is always company

Be had in that silver-friend place);

Seek out the edges of sky, sea and earth,

Travel the hidden paths as well as the crowded ones,

Give such respect as is due to

The latest phantom armies, but do not,

Without thought, join their marches.

Hold conversations with spiders and whales,

Know that even the fools have wisdom in their hearts;

Remember that we all must hear

The darkness whispers now and then,

That it’s fine to dream of lonely-piano streets,

To try new words when the old ones won’t come

 And hum new tunes when the last ones lose force.

Light candles often for those that didn’t make it;

Confuse not coin for character (there is no equation there)

Oh and think on the wisdoms of asking a poet for advice.

3 thoughts on “Things I Might Have Said ?

  1. yakinamac says:

    “Confuse not coin for character” is a brilliant line.

  2. ramaink says:

    Gosh, I do love your poems. They speak so beautifully.

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