The Way I Was Taught

Ought to get back –

The way I was taught –

On the horse that’s

Not a horse;

Get something to

Put by in the bank

That’s not a bank.

To remind myself

That the road that’s paved

With gold is walked by

Saints and sinners

As well as those

That have never noticed.

6 thoughts on “The Way I Was Taught

  1. You have a knack of using very few words to convey a depth of meanings. Amazing!

    • beeseeker says:

      Thank you Shirley.
      You should know, however, that I have that self-critical pixie that sits on my shoulder, watching what I write. And this little critic is always whispering in my ear “is that all?
      Really? It’s too short, it needs more words, look at other poems, they’re much longer blah blah blahblah”
      So it is great to have your words to counter balance.
      (the pixie is reading them now and getting annoyed>)

      • I have always found it most challenging to write short stories. Hence, I admire those who can write so little and yet create such an impact. Tell that critical pixie to take a hike! I am glad I have offended that pixie! haha

      • beeseeker says:

        Hmm, but this is one of the biggest differences imho between poetry and story writingsurely (??).
        Of course I understand your point, but personally do not try to compare story writing with poetry.
        If you have read my non-poetry stuff you might see why I write mainly poetry (at this stage anyway).

      • Some days, even poetry is a real challenge because (again) it compels me to shorten everything into those few lines. Hence, I had initially practiced with poetry to get to short story writing. In the process, I fell in love with poetry writing. Thanks for taking the time to share. Much appreciated.

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